Blinking insta game is a Filter of Instagram called Flying Face developed by dvoshansky. It is similar with Flappy Bird.

Safe Mode is the one of the system mode that limit windows usage.It's spacial mode that diagnose and fix computer errors.

Dental game for kids. The patients in the game will come to meet a dentist in differences case

This is an application that children will love, we have a cute mobile for kids to play, just touch the button and hear the sound.

Please make sure that you back up your data because all of you data will be lost if you format reset.

All computer can do it in one button that is Print Screen Capture (or Print scrn SysRq) on the keyboard that is on the most of keyboard.

We have the way to set Display Card from NVIDIA for the best performance that make your game smoother and reduce jerky issues. It is only 3 steps to configure the Display Card.

Sometimes you might encounter a crashing app that freeze your device that doesnt response to touch or quit itself immediately to Home Screen.

How to use keyboard controls and shortcut keys in Ragnarok Online

Find google street view from App Store or Play Store and click download. Then,open the camera and moving camera around.