Ragnarok online - RO basic game command

Basic Command - RO 

/h : show all @command

/chat : Creates a chat room

/effect : show/hide game effect

/ex name : Blocks a private chat

/exall : Blocks all private chats

/guild name : Creates a guild

/inall : Clears all blocked chat list

/invite name : invite to party

/leave : leave a party

/memo : Memorizes a location for Warp Portal

/nc : Allows attacking with one left-click.

/ns : Allows targeting monsters with support skills

/organize (name) : create a party

/q : Leaves a chat room

/sit : sit or stand

/where : Shows your character is location

RO basic game command

Windows command

F10 : Set height of the chat window.

F11 : Show/hide all windows.

F12 : Show/hide shortcut bar.

alt+c = Creates a chat room.

alt+e = Opens the current inventory window.

alt+end = show/hide HP and SP bars.

alt+g = Opens guild window.

alt+h = Opens friends window.

alt+r = Opens the homunculus window.

alt+l = Opens emoticons window.

alt+m = Opens the macro windows.

alt+q = Opens the equipment and status window.

alt+v = Opens information window.

alt+w = Open the cart window.

alt+z = Opens the party window.